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“Quiet times” necessary!

“Quiet times” necessary! […]

How to transfer SOW subjects into high school credits?

How to transfer SOW subjects into high school credits? […]

How we SOWed for High school

How we SOWed for High school […]

SOW Creative Writing lesson #1…”Proving the Existence of God”

“Does God Exist?” Have you ever wondered where the first seeds of life came from and why do you exist? There are two views concerning these questions. The Atheist thinks – everything came from nature and a Theist believes that all creation was created by a Creator. Law of Nature states everything has a cause […]

SOWing with an autistic child changed his life!

When I volunteered to tutor an autistic child a year ago, he was only seven years old but already a pack of dynamite. He certainly fit the characteristics defined as autism plus more… extreme narcissism, short attention span, unable to socialize, no eye contact, always demanding attention, selective focus, hyper, did not […]

SOW Phonics…A Thorough Way to Learn How to Read!

The following are some unique characteristics about the SOW reading or phonics program…

1. The SOW is a “wholelistic” approach to learning how to read. Unlike most programs in which the student’s spelling words are different from the student’s writing and reading words, the SOW uses the same family words (bat, cat, […]

Why are some families finding it difficult to SOW?

When I receive reports from some SOW families of how they are SOWing, I have to wonder, if they are using the same SOW Curriculum.

Why is it so difficult to follow a schedule? When is any student required to write too much? Is your day or week cluttered with too many unproductive activities? Is […]

Sowing… “Why don’t we drink when we are so thirsty?”

Statistics say that 95% of Americans are dehydrated (lack water). Even with clean water abundant, we just will choose not to drink what is good for us. Jesus in this lesson has offered “Living water” to all those who are thirsty and want a drink. Some refuse, some doubt, and some believe but still do […]

Walk in Light not Darkness! I John 1

Have you ever walked in a dark place and found yourself tripping and falling? God’s messengers are trying to warn us that we are all walking in darkness away from the light towards certain death. But if we turn around and start walking toward the light, we will have life.

Key Scripture:

I John 1: […]

How to finish the “tasks” God has given me to do?

It is so easy to get side tracked just doing “life”! So how to stay focused on what God has given me to do?

Two Promises… John 14:26 “The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things,” & 2 Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is given […]