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Good Bible Resources to use with SOW…

SOW is unique! The main goal for education is to know God. This is accomplished by the student learning how to inductively study (drawing out the truth by answering who, what, when, where, how, why question, researching sources, and communicating and applying wisdom.) every subject. Because God is the Creator of all living and nonliving […]

Schedule that worked…

Sometimes the seasons of our lives can seem overwhelming, but God is the creator of all of them! I believe God will give us wisdom to order our homes just like He has ordered the universe. Ask God for wisdom each day and He promises to give it to us.

Schedule that worked for me…


Students…Instructional or Independent???

Instructional or Independent student???

There are 2 kinds of students recognized by SOW…instructional and independent. For your convenience, we have labeled students k-5th as instructional and 6th-12th as independent students. But these labels may vary depending on God given abilities. So in fact, an 18 year old could still be instructional level and a 7 […]