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How to teach and train any child…

Ideas that work for any child…

Speak in “truth, love, and Spirit” …Tell him often that God loves him, His parents love him, I love him, etc. He is loved all the time, even if he does bad or good. We might not be pleased by his behavior sometimes but he is always loved. “For […]

SOW Schedule & Resources for preschool…

Breakfast.. eggs, whole grain, fruit, water Worship dance, march, & sing SOW PRAY… http://www.sowcurriculum.com/sow/hannahsamp.htm Read Bible… Picture Bible, felt, audio tape SOW Bible … draw and color narrative outline, character, topic, setting, commentary … http://www.sowcurriculum.com/sow/hannahsamp.htm Snack… yogurt & water Playtime…games, legos, art, play dough, puzzle, cards, etc. Pre-K Homework Helper workbooks … shapes, numbers, […]

SOWing English skills with purpose

The SOW Curriculum makes each English lesson a Bible study, as well as a study in English skills, therefore learning English becomes purposeful and God centered. The SOW English lessons teach the student…grammar, capitalization & punctuation, & analyzing

& diagramming.

The SOW utilizes accredited resources, so English is thoroughly taught.

There are 25 SOW English […]


Your letter touched me, because your plea to God that you do not want to fail in this important task of raising and schooling your children, is exactly what I cry out to God constantly.

First let me share what I have learned about failure…God allows us to fail, only so He can show […]

Why will our children hate SOWing!

I get some emails/calls concerned that their children/teens do not like to SOW!

Many of these parents give up, discouraged, frustrated, don’t do it, change curriculum, etc. because their child or teen grumbles and complains and cries out…I hate doing this!

I ask the parents…Do they like to brush their teeth, clean their room, practice […]

How to discern…what is good or bad Literature?

The SOW Literature’s main purpose is to identify Biblical thinking verses Worldly thinking, and defend with Biblical truth.

We all agree, God desires for us to “dwell on those things that are good, pure, right”… etc.

We have selected Literature, we believe does this…Pathway Reader selections, Hero Tales, Nature Readers, various biographies, magazines, etc. […]

How we SOWed for Highschool …

Though each age is important, this is a critical time in a young person’s life. The Bible warns us that Satan tempts us at an opportune moment; this is that moment. They are facing monumental mountains, giants, walls, etc…. body changes, testing of their faith, peer pressure, flesh desires at their peek, the lure of […]

My personal testimony of why I SOW…

Personally as a mother and home school teacher of five children, I have enjoyed all my years using the SOW, even under extreme attacks by Satan, daily trials of living life, and putting my flesh in submission to the Holy Spirit.

I have found the focus on the Word to be a rock, when the […]

Phonics Questions

by Merle Posted – 07/01/2005

Remember…You may use any Phonics program you desire with the SOW Curriculum.

BUT, We believe the SOW Curriculum has designed an excellent comprehensive reading program, which utilizes good resources,and include step by step lessons, that easily and successfully teach all the necessary reading skills such as spelling, writing, phonic […]

SOW: Highschool

The SOW Curriculum is a tool designed for Christian families to disciple their children.

To accomplish this at all age levels, we designed the older students to become independent, yet still learn together as a family. There are several options for learning….

1. The whole family together reads a selected scripture, do a topical study, […]