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When your students/children whine (grumble & complain)?

Whining, or the Biblical name for this sin is grumbling and complaining, is very common. In fact all sins begin with this sin…ungratefulness! Romans 1

When mine were small, I read many books that helped me. One of the concepts I learned was asking myself for every situation, who is in control?…the child or the […]

Infants need (to, be)…


-Swaddled! Being wrapped tightly in their blanket (thin cotton for summer, wool for winter) or arms like a cocoon reminds them of being in the womb and it makes them feel secure. This is especially needed when they are over tired and uptight. “AHHH! This feels so warm and cozy!”

-Cry! This is the […]

My opinion about the Apologia texts…

Clarification …I am not saying that the authors or publishers of Apologia are not Christian.


In my opinion, Apologia’s worse fault is …what they do not say!

In fact, I believe the Apologia’s asset is their simple explanation and use of concepts and experiments on science principles. My biggest objection is that they state […]

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World Book Encyclopedia and/or DVD

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