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Don’t feel guilty about resting, if and when needed!

There could be many reasons for a season of rest.. I found it necessary to sleep -every time the nursing or toddler baby slept. Other children had schedules and trained what to do….or usually they read too, we had lots of reading assignments for the week. -while homeschooling, I took a nap every day or […]

Hints for Writing a SOW paragraph!

SOW skill level worksheets use these writing skills for all SOW writing topics and types of writing.. Writing a paragraph from this poem… “Mary had a Little lamb. His fleece was white as snow. It followed her to school one day. It made the children laugh to see a lamb at school.” Notes… Mary […]

How to be healthy…Spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, physically

*Set Goals:

– to develop good family friends that focus on God.

-to make yearly, monthly, weekly, daily budget.

– to establish home as a house of faith, hope, and trust in God through Jesus Christ.

– to create a clean, safe, loving, fun, productive, disciplined, ordered, peaceful environment in our home.

– to train […]