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What I learned and am learning about “legalism”…

Hello Sister Merle:

There’s a topic that I would like your opinion on. It’s legalism. There are so many different takes on the subject and I know that God looks at our hearts. We already have four of our older children that have chosen to not to follow God because they say they believe in […]

Character Training vs Biblical Discipleship…

Character Training is just what it says training the character via rewards and consequences, character definitions, and character comparisons. The goal is to train the character of a person, the method is teaching character lessons and behavior control, and the main texts are character books, moral stories, Scripture, etc. Biblical Discipleship is making disciples (followers […]

Pray and love your “prodigal”!

The condition of the heart is everything!

Jesus always judged the motive of the heart rebuking the pharisees for being “white washed tombs”. God looked at David’s heart not the outside.

Though discipleship will include change in character, from that of carnal to Spiritual, a relationship with God by faith in Jesus Christ in which […]