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Claim your inheritance! Ephesians 1

Introduction: There once was a man who lived in a shack, ate bread and water, and rode a bike everywhere he went. When he died, they found under his pillow a key to a bank deposit box that had a $1,000,000. Likewise, God has given all Christians an inheritance but we need to claim it!


Walk in Light not Darkness! I John 1

Have you ever walked in a dark place and found yourself tripping and falling? God’s messengers are trying to warn us that we are all walking in darkness away from the light towards certain death. But if we turn around and start walking toward the light, we will have life.

Key Scripture:

I John 1: […]

Do not “Abandon” but instead “Occupy”! I Samuel 31

Throughout the years serving God, there may be many times we are tempted to abandon what God has called us to…the Christian life, marriage, discipleship, job, childcare, ministry, relationships, etc. , but God wants us to stand firm, resist the enemy, and fight the good battle of faith not being ignorant of the enemies’ purposes. […]

God restores, recovers all and more! I Samuel 30

Many times I have felt the pains of rejection, loss, failure, doubt, fear, etc.! During these times I am reminded of the story of the “locust”. A pastor would visit a particular family who had been through sickness and other trials but on this particular visit he had learned that locust had eaten all their […]