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Sowing… “Why don’t we drink when we are so thirsty?”

Statistics say that 95% of Americans are dehydrated (lack water). Even with clean water abundant, we just will choose not to drink what is good for us. Jesus in this lesson has offered “Living water” to all those who are thirsty and want a drink. Some refuse, some doubt, and some believe but still do […]

SOWing…Being a good Steward!

Are you a good or bad steward?

My husband who contracted jobs to paint apartments, homes, industrial businesses, etc. tells this true story of a young man who desperately needed a job. My husband treated him as a son, gave him a good wage, and trained him how to paint thoroughly with accuracy and […]

SOWing…Am I sufficient to meet all your needs!

2012 was a difficult year… health issues that landed me in the hospital with large hospital & doctor debts, loss of some of my sight, bed bound; broken & estranged relationships; failure to eat right & lose weight; lack of income to live; fellowship, ministry, friendship limited to facebook; that lead to bouts of despair, […]