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How to have fun SOWing Geography…

SOWing geography…

-Geography today is different than Biblical geography so we can’t really center it around the Bible.

-Geography is best studied from general to specific…world – continent- country- state- city (home).

-When studying continents…choose specific country for each student in home or  coop to study and make a picture/illustrative report on.

-Geography is fun and thorough, when doing this for your picture/illustrative report… topography, city, borders, major rivers, cities, lakes, etc. maps; country symbols; history time line; Missionary or famous Christian bio; government; religion; culture; architect; animal, mineral, plant, etc. resources; arts & science & inventors; and other interesting facts, etc.

-Biblical view…Always conclude your studies with a Biblical view…See that God has given us everything good pertaining to life but blessings from God are dependent on each man’s, each nation’s love for God and His Word… Are we good stewards of our bodies, land, children, resources, gifts, talents, etc. for what God has given us? Does this nation, state, home, person glorify God?

-Though you can use any resource with SOW, these are the Geography resources SOW recommends using with SOW ..

Rod & Staff blank maps are great!

Used World Book Encyclopedias to hilite & read are great!

Free online encyclopedias and resources are great for printing out articles & pics!

Other activities…

Make a geography game (bee, trivia, matching, fish, etc) to help remember certain facts about each country, continent…matching flags to country, recall & identify famous places, events, & people to countries, etc.

We enjoyed going to the public library every 3 weeks; I picked out loads of books on whatever continent ( specific countries) we were studying.

At the end of the study of each continent each year,… as a family or with other families…put on a geography fair… invite family and friends to hear a report of famous Christian or missionary; enactment of live history event; exhibit of art, inventions, foods, articles, etc.; music from country playing; dress in countries clothes; backboard with various info on large map & pics of various resources: etc.

Alternate teaching geography with history and science each year. A month or  2 of geography is fun and all that is needed for successfully teaching world geography, once for k-5th & and again in 6th-12th.

SOW worksheets for K-5th  students make it easy for teacher and student to study geography thoroughly and fun.  K-5th graders should use SOW worksheets to make their illustrative report or note booking. 6th-12th can do lap top style or note booking to complete each geography unit too.

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