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Skill Level Worksheets make SOWing easier…

New SOW Student Skill Level Worksheets (beta version) are available…

Our heart’s desire is that every Christian family disciple their children, just not educate them. This is why, by God’s grace, we developed for our family and others… the Student Of the Word (SOW): a K-12th Bible centered curriculum; the goal is to know God, the method is discipleship, and the Bible is the main text for all the major subjects except math.

By God’s grace, we just graduated our last of five children, are in good reasonable health, and have the time to mentor SOW families and update the SOW. Our future plans are to create K-3rd  / 4th –  8 th /9th -12th student skill level worksheets with student samples, 4 year scope & sequence, instructional DVDs, and update TE/SE lessons for each grade/skill level. Available now are 4th-8th and the 9th-12th SOW Student Skill Level Worksheets and we are in the process of creating the K-3rd set now.

These 30-40 SOW Student Skill Level Worksheets are designed to complement any SOW edition. They are meant to be used according to each student’s skill level, not age or grade level. This means a student can use any of the skill levels in any subject without the fear of being labeled. For example… a five year old can use the K-3rd writing, the 4th-8th prayer, and the 9th-12th history worksheets. We believe… whatever strength or weakness being manifested by a student in any given task or topic, it is Biblically not considered a handicap, but a God given ability that should glorify God.  As the teacher and student ask and receive wisdom, power, courage, etc. from God to strengthen and use those weaknesses, there will be a growth by faith in every subject and area of life. By finding out each student’s instruction (able to comprehend but needs teacher instruction and repetitive practice), frustration (abilities not capable yet to understand and execute), and independent (mastered but needs review) levels for each student, the teacher should copy the appropriate instructional level worksheet for each student to use for any given subject being studied.

The new beta SOW Student Skill Level Worksheets are being created and updated continuously as we get feedback from SOW users. Because these worksheets are in the testing phase, it is best that only SOW alumni purchase and use them until the final version is established. Also to avoid confusion and frustration for new SOWers, I would like to suggest that a private forum be created to discuss any new SOW beta material and /or send comments, changes, etc. to Merle Reece … merle@sowcurriculum.com or 1-888-567-7771. Those who purchase any new SOW beta material and give us feedback will get free updates, as available, till the final publish.

May God Bless,

Merle Reece

Check the author’s blog weekly for articles… http://sowcurriculum.com/blog/

Click here to order new SOW worksheets…


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