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While in the Wilderness, do the essentials…

While in the wilderness, do the essentials…

God put order in the camp by providing laws for the people to follow and the Tabernacle for them to walk with God (repent of sins and give thanks).

The kind or type of curriculum using is not important!

What is always important… your family goal, the plan to reach that goal, and the resources needed to accomplish the goal!

If our purpose is to glorify God anytime, anywhere then we should be accomplishing the same purpose that Jesus did when He was on earth…to know God and make Him known.

The next question is how do we do this. Some things are the same no matter what is going on in our lives… PRAYer, Bible study/meditation, walk by faith in the Spirit not the flesh,  be good stewards, and to love/bless others. And of course we have to work to eat, keep a home to live in, and obey any government edicts as much as possible. Jesus had to do all these things as well.

I remember one of our wilderness times… we moved to Mississippi  and it took us a year to clean the land cutting down trees and clearing trash, etc. Each day we helped with the building of our house but also the maintaining of our home which was an abandoned building on the site., and we also had to maintain our business to eat and pay taxes, etc.

But we made sure we kept the basics… meals, cleaning the home and ourselves, personal devotions and family devotions, and we would reward ourselves on Sundays for being faithful to the  tasks that week by having an all day   fellowship with other families on Sundays…meal, games, worship, Word, testimony, Lord’s supper, etc..

It was a hard year, it took denying ourselves, doing the task faithfully, and walking in the Spirit.

We daily  SOWed like this…we each had a notebook that we would write love letters to God praise, repent, ask, and yield. I chose a book of the Bible to study (BTW… I do this for holidays, summer time, etc.) like Proverbs or Romans, etc. In our notebooks each day we would choose (as a family or individually) a KSV and a summary (what=topic, who= character, events=how, setting=when & where, and the application= why) of each  chapter. The little ones drew pictures and words. We would share for family devotions. Any flesh characteristics we would bring to repentance immediately giving consequences of actions. I also picked out a good Literature (SOW has lots of selections) book that we would read as a family together or go to the library and have them pick out a book each to read. You could check out great decoumnetaries to use for science, geography, & history to watch each night as a family. Saturday nite was game, movie, etc. with special meal, snacks, desserts. Those who earned it participated, those who did not, did extra chores. They will never act up again if they have to do that while everyone else is enjoying themselves.   Keep tract of their flesh & spirit traits in their notebooks with marks, erase bad marks for repentance and being a blessing to the offender.                                                                                                        Remember parents are the Moses in our family bringing them to the Promise Land. If you let them they will grumble & complain, and even want to stone you, and go back to Egypt.                                                                                                                         “Be of good courage and do not be afraid for God is with you where ever you go.” Joshua

Praying that God will give you and your family wisdom, peace, provision, healing, etc. !

May God Bless,

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