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“The Unique Characteristics of the SOW Curriculum”

Francis Schaffer, a well known theologian, said this, “What we believe is how we shall live.” Therefore, we will start this presentation by declaring what we believe to be truth…

  1. Every person’s purpose in life is to “glorify God”  to know Him through Jesus Christ and to make Him known.
  2. Parents are ordained by God to disciple “teach and train” their children “in the way that they should go”.
  3. Discipleship is the Biblical method used to educate “teach and train” each student to be complete in Christ…Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, academically, physically, & socially.
  4. The Bible is “inspired by God and good for training & teaching” in every subject.  
  5. The teacher/pastor/mentor/coach’s job is to support and help the parents in their task to disciple (Biblically educate) their children.
  6. Demonstrating God’s love to others is the disciple of Christ’s highest goal in all relationships.


       Since we believe these statements to be truth, as disciples (students) of Christ, we are “eager, obligated, and not ashamed”, to seek and implement  a Biblical plan to disciple (reach and train) our God given students (children).

The SOW Curriculum is designed to disciple any student.  The following are the SOW Curriculum’s many  unique characteristics… 


  1. Biblical vision…The goal is to know God; the method is discipleship, and the main text is the Bible.
  2. Accredited Resources … The recommended resources meet national standards for grades K-12th…Bob Jones, ABeka, Rod & Staff, IEW, AIG, & more.
  3. Integrated subjects …There is a unique focus on the Bible in every subject (not history, literature, principle, or doctrine) creating a special bond between all the subjects… spelling correlates with writing…writing to English, etc..
  4. Discipleship approach… Each student is taught how to pray, study the Bible inductively from Genesis to Revelations, obey the Scriptures, be a good  steward, defend the faith, walk in the Spirit not the flesh, share the gospel, serve others, make wise decisions, and more.
  5. Individually paced learning… This is achieved through personal schedules, step by step lessons, one on one instruction, check outs, & various skill level worksheets and charts.
  6. Nondenominational …Utilizing parental guidance, inductive skills, critical thinking, various sources, the Bible (any version) as the main text, assures a nonbiased education.
  7. Multi-level instruction …Whole concepts & various skills transcend grades, abilities, or ages. For example, the first week all of the students will read and outline Genesis 1, study the character of God, a topical study on creation, science is Theology (study of God), writing “Proving the Existence of God”, Elective- A Banner of God’s names, and penmanship, Hebrew/ Greek, English and spelling skills are learned using the key Scripture verse, Genesis 1:1.
  8. Mastery of whole concepts & various skills… The language arts (Bible) section  includes outlining, word study, topical study, setting, character study, & application.There are 12 kinds of writing… biography, poetry, letter, comparison, journal, etc.. History, science, & geography are unit studies that alternate and require the student to complete  timelines, projects, diagrams, observations, experiments, reports, biographies, maps, surveys, and various studies of cultures and their  resources, governments, arts, religions, etc.
  9. All students inclusive… K-12th, special needs, and/or English second language students learn by skill & concept repetition, step by step lessons, utilizing oral, drawing, & writing to communicate, and wisdom application.
  10. Family oriented…Devotions, co-ops, home management, multi-level learning, and special elective activities such as camping, holiday traditions,  etc. create family unity with purpose.
  11. Life skill training … Ministry (elderly, sick, etc.), vocation (volunteer work with a veterinarian, electrician, nurse, lawyer, etc.), life (cooking house maintenance, etc.), single/marriage mentoring (women/men’s discipleship groups, workshops, books, etc.) are encouraged.
  12. Biblical view…Wisdom achieved not just knowledge acquired because the Bible is the main text & inductive skills are used in order to draw out the truth in every subject.
  13. Testing & evaluating…Diagnostic and/or achievement tests, student progress reports, & subject evaluations of completed lessons keep the parent & government officials informed of the student’s progress.
  14. Personal & home management … Schedules, student progress report, Spiritual/Carnal traits, time management, & other charts train the student for excellence in all areas of Christian living.
  15. Comprehensive education…There are step by step lessons in all the major subjects such as Bible, Prayer, Penmanship/Memory, Creative Writing, Literature, English, Spelling, Speech,  plus various Electives, such as music, art, etc.. Science is taught by topic, geography by each continent, & history in chronologoical order; exception… Math is not included.
  16. Inductive method… Analytical questions (who, what, when, where, how, why), research (finding answers using various sources), critical thinking (recall, sequencing, comprehension, etc.), communication (speaking, drawing, writing), and application (observation, interpretation, application) are used to draw out the truth in every subject.
  17. Support system…Access to experienced and degreed educator to train & teach, answer questions, give advice, etc. via blogs, email, phone consultations, workshops, co-ops, online classes, etc..
  18. Easy Implementation…The SOW is written so that 6th-12th graders can independently use the SOW in every subject by following a specific schedule, scope & sequence, & lessons with skill level worksheets in every subject. These unique aspects of the SOW, also, make it easy for teachers to teach the instructional grade levels, K-5th.
  19. Friendly Budget… There is no need to purchase multiple texts for each grade level per subject and student (12 years x 7 subjects = at least 84 texts to purchase). The SOW resources recommended for each lesson in most subjects are used by all the students regardless of age or grade and for multiple years … dictionary for spelling, English handbook, encyclopedia for geography, etc..


      In conclusion, Jesus’ last words to His discipls were, “Go and make disciples teaching them all that I commanded…”  When we became  “Students Of the Word” by  depending on God’s Spirit  and focusing on His Word our way of thinking and living were changed. I remember teaching Matt 7, “Love your enemies, pray for those who despitefully use you, and bless those who curse you.” the traditional way… not literally but figuratively, my son who was 7 at the time. Corrected me, saying that it explained in Scriptures what Jesus meant… :to turn the other check when slapped and to give your coat when asked.”

We were and have been tested many times with this command. Example, neighbor’s drums and a neighborhood bike gang. It is not always easy to be a follower of Jesus but it promises great rewards, if we walk by faith in His Word and Spirit… “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, and self control.” Galatians Regardless of the choices our children,  when they leave our home, or other families make, are we prepared to  say, “As for me and my house, we choose the Lord.”


The SOW Curriculum consists of…

  • SOW TE/RE & SE Editions: Volume I
  • SOW TE & SE Editions: Volumes II-VI
  • SOW Skill Level Worksheets…K-5th, 6th-12th, and Advanced.   
  • Various SOW Workshops …”Why Christians should Homeschool…the Vision!” “The Uniqueness of SOW”, & “How to SOW K-5th, 6th-12th, & Advanced”,  “SOWing with Special Needs”, “Home Management”, “Planning and Implementing Goals”, etc.


For more information, contact Merle Reece… merle@sowcurriculum.com and/or visit the SOW website… http://www.sowcurriculum.com/ .


Check out the SOW blog for interesting articles such as “How SOWing changed an autistic child’s life” … http://sowcurriculum.com/blog/?p=771

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