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: something (such as a river, a fence, or an imaginary line) that shows where an area ends and another area begins

: a point or limit that indicates where two things become different

:unofficial rules about what should not be done : limits that define acceptable behavior

Knowing and setting boundaries I will not allow myself to cross. Regulating how others cross these boundaries is another matter. Even Jesus did not control what others could do with or to Him. For example… the Pharisees accused, mocked, and slandered Him.  His disciples, Judas stole from Him and betrayed Him; Peter denied Him.

The key was that Jesus was always doing the Father’s will and He did everything out of love for others. Those two criteria gave Him boundaries, what He would not do or do. Jesus ate with tax collectors and prostitutes, healed on the Sabbath, etc. So He crossed conventional boundaries set by His religion and His nation.  

I love all the responses that Jesus had…

  • prayed often to the Father…alone in the mountains, before doing miracles, with Hid disciples in the Garden, etc..
  • rebuked the Pharisees calling them “hypocrites”, His disciples saying to Peter “Get behind Me Satan.”, His family saying those who obey Him are His family.
  • waited on God’s timing …raising Lazarus from the dead, going to Jerusalem, etc..
  • stayed away from Bethany to raise Lazarus and stayed in Bethany till it was “His time”..
  • did the will of the Father, no matter what.
  • preached the gospel.
  • taught the Word.
  • made disciples.
  • healed the sick.
  • cast out demons
  • talked to prostitutes
  • visited tax collextors
  • blessed His enemies
  • spoke always in truth

His nation, His church, His family, His disciples all rejected Him…His first and my first priority was & is my relationship and walk with the Father!

We are free to walk as Jesus walked…

  • PRAYing (Praising, Repenting, Asking, Yielding) to the Father first asking for wisdom which He promises to give to all that ask in faith.
  • Some decisions or events need fasting (a denial of temporal pleasure for a season) and praying.
  • Seek God’s Word for answers making sure it is not against God’s Word or His nature and character.
  •  Walk (think, say, act) in Spirit, truth, and love!

Note: Good wise counsel is always beneficial but I tell them I will respectfully listen and hear what they have to  say about the matter, but I reserve the freedom not to take their advice or not without being condemned. No one (not my pastor, parents (after the age of release from obedience to honoring described in Scripture for chirlden/adults), husband, children, friends, etc.) can walk in your shoes except Jesus!

I believe God looks at the motives of our heart…His motivation and ours should be, before doing anything, was and is doing the Father’s will and loving others.

Jesus was not afraid; He knew the Father had sent Him and was with Him wherever He went. We have this same promise… “Do not be afraid; Be of good courage for I am with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:8, 9.




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