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Naomi must have been a good mother-in-law to Ruth?

When I first became a mother-in- law, I use to laugh & tell my friends that it was harder than I thought and someone should write a book. Now that I have gray hair to prove I have wisdom, I am supposed to wait, be still, & just pray! Those who know me, know that was and is very difficult for me.

SOWing from the book of Ruth: Naomi must have been a good mother-in- law to Ruth…
– The daughter-in- laws pleaded with tears to stay with Naomi after their husbands’ death.
-Ruth chose to be with Naom’s people and worship her God.
-Ruth listened & trusted Naomi’s advice was from God.
-Ruth worked hard & long hours to support her & Naomi.
-Naomi was blessed because she was used by God to convert a Moabitess to her faith in one God, she gained a Godly heritage through this one daughter, & her lineage is that of Jesus’.
Naomi was a good example of discipleship. She used her position as mother-in- law to invest into her dauhter- in- laws life for God’s purposes, not her own.

What I am learning about being a mother-in-law…
*Pray from birth for spouses of your children.
*Be confident that whoever they chose, God will use for good.
*Love, pray, & bless spouse, always.
*Be a disciple of Christ by example & Word.
*Seek Biblical solutions.
*Do not talk bad about the spouse.
*Be a strong advocate for the marriage.
*Be interested in their lives, dreams, etc..
*Ask; do not demand.
*Make sure advice is only advice, and give it only when prayed & necessary.
*Praise & encourage what they are doing right.
*Value the relationship & let them know.
*When wrong, admit it and ask for forgiveness.
*Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their viewpoint.
*Their spous is #1 in your child’s life, now, support that.
*Respecrt their home or family rules, especially at their house.
*Communicate clearly & kindly expectations; most offenses are failed expectations.
*Offer to help, if you can & should.
*Be a blessing; you will be blessed!

Prayer… Lord make me a faithful disciple who uses every postion you have given me to bring others to a right relationship with You.
Please share what you are learning?

Some great advice for mother-in-laws by Focus on the Family …

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