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Celebrating Spring Holidays as Holy Days!

Celebrating Spring Holidays as Holy Days!

The word holiday actually means Holy Day (holy is purposefully setting aside a thing, person, time, event, etc. to honor & glorify God.). In the Old Testament this was done by keeping the Sabbath, making stone altars, & celebrating feasts during harvest, victories, extraordinary acts of God, deliverances, etc..  Singing, dancing, reading of the word, giving, sacrifices, serving, acting out of the special events, etc. were used to remind the people, especially the children, of the great deeds God had done.

These are some ideas how we celebrated holy days during the Spring season…

*Valentine’s Day…

  • Decorated the house with Hearts, signs of LOVE, the Cross for Christ’s sacrifice
  • Send secret love notes in postal box/bag (foil & hearts) or surprised places during the day…I love you, Be mine, You are special, etc.  
  • Special meals for the ones you love…heart pancakes, heart sandwiches, heart cookies, heart steak, chocolate strawberries
  •  Wrote love letter or poem to someone special with decorated heart frame (lace, ribbons, felt, const paper, pic, stickers, etc.);
  •  Pictionary, Charades, Name that Tune, Trivia, Bingo, Match, etc. games with LOVE theme;
  • gift of flower and/or candy to special person.

*St. Patrick’s…

  • Find clovers & make necklaces & bracelets
  • Share St Patrick’s testimony of 3 leaf clover (Trinity)
  • Wear green


  • Decorate house with colorful baskets, toy stuffed lambs, crosses, & eggs
  • Decorate eggs with dye, markers, stickers, etc.
  • Resurrection celebration… eggs with symbols & Scripture to share (1. Palm leaf 2. cup/cracker 3. Wipe clothe 4. Garden – flower  5. 3 dimes 6. Trial- soldier or rope  7. Thorn 8. King of the Jews 9. dice 10. Cross 11. Rock tomb 12. Empty)
  • Contests…egg pocking, egg decorating,  egg hunt, fly kites, Easter bonnets, paper airplanes, egg toss, relay races, etc.
  • Passover/Lord’s supper…retelling of Passover (look for leaven bread & throw away, eat bitter herbs & bite of  roasted lamb)… retelling of Lord’s Supper (confess sins, drink wine/grape juice, eat leaven bread, wash feet)
  • Special meal… angel food cake with strawberries & whip cream, roasted lamb/ham, potato salad, Spinach Madeline

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