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Toddlers & Preschoolers…”training them in the way they should go”!

These are suggestions that worked for me…


Personal devotions vital for success! To see myself through this journey (parenting, motherhood), I had to know for sure … I was ordained and called by God to have children and make disciples of each, God would be with me and give me direction every step of […]

Sibling Rivalry vs Sibling Affection

Sibling Rivalry vs Sibling Affection

Biblical truth concerning sibling rivalry …

I. Our flesh is our enemy… A. In Genesis 4:4-7, Cain was offended. He refused to see that God rejected his offering because He chose not to use a blood sacrifice. Instead of doing what was right, Cain blamed everything on Abel resulting in […]

When your students/children whine (grumble & complain)?

Whining, or the Biblical name for this sin is grumbling and complaining, is very common. In fact all sins begin with this sin…ungratefulness! Romans 1

When mine were small, I read many books that helped me. One of the concepts I learned was asking myself for every situation, who is in control?…the child or the […]

About the Reece family …

I just graduated my last of five children May 2010…

Like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Gideon, David, Peter, and Paul, they have seasons of faith and doubt, victory and failure, good and bad, etc.

Are you asking this? … was I faithful in teaching and training my children in Spirit, love, and truth?… yes! They […]