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SOW Phonics…A Thorough Way to Learn How to Read!

The following are some unique characteristics about the SOW reading or phonics program…

1. The SOW is a “wholelistic” approach to learning how to read. Unlike most programs in which the student’s spelling words are different from the student’s writing and reading words, the SOW uses the same family words (bat, cat, […]

SOW phonics/reading lesson explained …

SOW Reading lesson…

Note: Because the Merrill Linguistic Readers (MLR) & skill texts (MLS) will introduce blending consonants and vowels, the student should have finished SOW Lesson Consonants and already know all consonant & short letter names and sounds, write and put alphabets in alphabetical order, and write & match upper case and lower case […]

What is the difference between good literature and a good reading program?

A good reading program will have basic components needed to learn how to read such as…

-learning all basic phonemes (phonetic sounds) one at a time.

-blending phonetic sounds to make a word.

-building words to make a sentence.

-learning phonetic rules important to phonetic spelling to spell words correctly.

-reading skills taught…recall, comprehension, sequencing, […]

Reading Resources not recommended…

As an elementary and special education graduate and teacher in the public schools, there are so many phonics or reading programs I would not use to teach children how to read!

Why I would not recommend certain resources to teach your children how to read? It’s…

-lacking one or more basic foundations of reading methods…reading […]