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   SOW Curriculum & Devotional Support


1.           SOW Blog: This site includes various articles by the author, Merle Reece concerning  how to SOW, Christian marriages, parenting, Discipleship & education. Also includes her personal  SOW Devotionals.


2.           SOW Workshop:

SOW workshops include various 1 hour workshops concerning Christian living, marriages, parenting, discipleship, & education.

                                    FREE…  ”How to SOW” Workshop.  

To register & for more information, see ...  SOW Workshop Info & Registration Brochure. 

To host a SOW Workshop, contact... merle@sowcurrriuclum.com

3.           SOW Mentorship:

SOW Mentorship includes personalized mentoring of student & teacher/parent via the SOW Student Progress Report (SPR), an evaluation of the participating  student's  SOW subjects per lesson with teacher/parent suggestions, such as… Spiritual insights, prayer, questions answered, lesson suggestions, teaching & parenting instructions, etc., as needed, by experienced parent, teacher , & degreed educator.

FREE… First 3 SOW Mentorship: SPRs for those, who directly purchase (DP) SOW Curriculum (any TE) or SOW Devotional.

To register &for more information, see…SOW Mentorship Info & RegistrationBrochure.

4. SOW Consultation:

 Freefor those who directly purchased SOW Devotional or SOW Curriculum.

Emailmerle@sowcurriculum.com or call Merle @ 1-225-590-3444.

Leave your name &reason for contacting SOW; someone should contact you within 24 hrs on a week day, M-F. If not, please email or call again.



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