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IMPORTANT ...Please read the following information before making your SOW purchases!                                                                


SOW K-12th Curriculum:

For more details and information about The SOW Curriculum, see the SOW Curriculum Brochure

1. SOW Resource Edition* (RE): I-IV: K-12th .... ($95. each)

This hard copy text (8”x 11” 3 ring binder) includes information how to teach all SOW K-12th grades & subjects), such as… general scope & sequence, subject review, reproducible charts, evaluating/ testing, apprenticeship, practical tips for parenting, discipleship, stewardship, co-ops, mentorship, workshops, frequently asked questions, statement of faith,  & more.

*Important: RE must be purchased, once, with  SOW TE I: K-5th & /or 6th-12th.

2. SOW Teacher Edition**

There are Four TEs which house 30 SOW subject/lessons each.

Note: When student, family, school, church, co-op, or other are finished completing SOW TE  I, then order SOW TE  II, then, III, then IV.

**Important: Date TEs Available…
SOW I- 2017 / SOW II -2018 / SOW III- 2019 / SOW IV-2020; (TEs = ($95 each).

**TE I: K-5th ..... ($95.)

This hard copy text (8”x 11” 3 ring binder)  house information necessary for completing all SOW K-5th subjects… PRAYer, Bible, Penmanship/Memory, Reading, Language Arts,  Literature,  Creative Writing, Science, History/Geography,  PE, &  10 Electives. There is NO Math.

Note: Since all SOW TEs are compatible, when student reaches next grade or skill level 6th-12th, order correlating TE:6th-12th, instead of TE: K-5th.  Note: 6th-12th level students must be able to read the Bible, follow written instructions, and write complete sentences.

** TE I: 6th-12th ..... ($95.)

This hard copy text (8”x 11” 3 ring binder) includes …yearly scope & sequence, weekly schedule, & 30 lessons for these 6th-12th subjects…PRAYer, Bible, Spelling, English, Penmanship/Memory,  Hebrew/Greek, Literature, Speech, Creative Writing, Science, History/Geography, Music, PE, &  10 Electives. There is NO Math.

Note: Since all SOW TEs are compatible, when student reaches 6th -12th grade or skill levels, order TE:6th-12th, instead of TE: K-5th.  Note: 6th-12th level students must be able to read the Bible, follow written instructions, and write complete sentences.

3. SOW Skill Level Worksheets (SLWs) K-5th / 6th-12th ..... ($95 each)***

Each of these SLW sets is a hard copy text (8”x 11” 3 ring binder) with  50-60 reproducible skill (grade) level worksheets, masters and samples, for every SOW subject/lesson. 

Important: Purchase one set of appropriate SLWs for each parent / family or teacher/class per 20 students.   

Contact merle@sowcurrriuclum.com for more information about SOW Advance SLWs… This is for advance/senior high school (with only 2-3 years left), college, or adult students. The 2 year S&S, weekly schedule, & resource list  are included in this SLW purchase. This level will use the TE: 6th-12th.

FREE SAMPLES of SOW Curriculum...

SOW Curriculum K-5th:

SOW K-5th sample TE lessons

SOW K-5th sample Scope & Sequence, Weekly Schedule and Resource list

SOW K-5th SLW 7 Master Samples

SOW Curriculum 6th-12th:

SOW 6-12th sample Scope & Sequence, Weekly Schedule and Resource list

SOW 6-12th Free sample TE lessons

SOW 6-12th SLW 7 Master Samples

For more information concerning what to purchase, please contact... merle@sowcurrriuclum.com

SOW Devotional:

For more information, see SOW Devotional brochure.

1. SOW Discipleship Devotional For All Ages Text .. ($75. )

This text is a hard copy text (8”x 11” 3 ring binder) that includes the SOW Bible Scope & Sequence for 120 lessons from Genesis to Revelation,  8 inductive Bible study methods, 5 P-R-A-Y-S letters to God, and 5 Scripture memory activities for K-college skill level (5 years to adult & ESL, & special needs) students. Perfect to use for a Sunday school class, women or men's discipleship group, family devotions, personal quiet time, private, missionary, or home schools, co-ops, any ministry, or other.

Important: Order a SOW Devotional for every teacher, parent, adult, or  6th-12th grade student for independent studies.

SOW Curriculum & Devotional Support:

1. SOW Workshop:

SOW workshops include various 1 hour workshops concerning Biblical Christian living, marriages, parenting, discipleship, & education.

 All SOW Workshops ... ($25. each).

 FREE  ”How to SOW” Workshop with direct purchase of any SOW Curriculum TE or Devotional.

 To host a SOW Workshop, Contact... merle@sowcurrriuclum.com

Note: Payment due after registration form sent & SOW workshop confirmed.

For more details and information  about attending a SOW Curriculum or  Devotional workshop, see the SOW Workshop Registration Form. 

2. SOW Mentorship for SOW Curriculum and Devotional…

SOW Mentorship includes Student Progress Report (SPR) an evaluation of the participating  student's  SOW subject per lesson with teacher/parent suggestions: Spiritual insights, prayer, questions answered, etc. by experienced parent, teacher , & degreed educator.

a. SOW Curriculum  Student Progress Report (SPR)   ($15. each)
SPR = 50 SOW subject/lessons.

b. SOW Devotional Student Progress Report (SPR)   ($5. each)
SPR = 15 SOW subject/lessons.

First 3 SPRs FREE for those, who directly purchase (DP) SOW Curriculum (any TE) or SOW Devotional.                  Note: Payment due before each SPR sent for evaluation.

To register & more information, see…

SOW Mentorship registration brochure.

3. SOW Consultation... FREE  For those who made direct purchases of SOW Curriculum or SOW Devotional; Contact merle@sowcurrriuclum.com for a phone  appointment (leave message with name, phone number, best time to call, & reason calling).

For more detailed information about the SOW Curriculum & SOW Devotional,  see SOW Brochure




1. (USA or Foreign) Mail Order...

Send us a Money Order (You can get these at US Post Office, your local bank or Walmart.) written out to  SOW Curriculum (no cash or personal checks) with this SOW order form... SOW Brochure/order form to...

SOW   Curriculum
10679 Sandringham Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA. 70815

2.  Online Payment: Debit, Credit, PayPal with instant processing of SOW materials ordered...

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  • LA residence...4% (State Sales Tax
  • BR residence...10% (State & City Sales Tax)

Shipping and handling: 

*10% (USA) or 20% (outside USA) of subtotal.
*Minimum $5 for UPS priority mail.

No refunds for S&H cost!

Priority Mail:

SOW materials are delivered by USP priority mail, usually within 14 days.

Questions about the delivery of your SOW order, contact us...  Orders@sowcurriculum.com


Guaranteed money back, if sent back within thirty days of purchase (less shipping & handling cost). SOW materials must be returned in good condition (for resell-no marks, tears, folds.

Important: There will be no returns without a RMA # (Return Merchandise Authorization Number), contact....      orders@sowcurriculum.com.

Please package SOW materials properly for shipping & handling purposes. Place RMA# on package before sending SOW returns to...

SOW   Curriculum
10679 Sandringham Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA. 70815

Purchasing Questions:



Please leave your name & SOW question on answering machine or email for quick reply.  If you have not heard from us in 24 hrs, please call or email again.



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