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The authors of the SOW Curriculum, David and Merle Reece, will explain why & how they home schooled their family of five children. Also, family pictures and more.



Home schooling families from around the world give a brief testimony of why they use the SOW Curriculum.



This section describes the unique characteristics of the SOW Curriculum.



A detailed description plus samples of the SOW Curriculum materials.



Frequently Asked Questions are answered thoroughly... "Why is there an emphasis on the Bible", "How does the SOW teach multilevel K-12th students?", What other resources do I need?", "What to order?" and more.

New Blog:


Articles, devotions, answers to SOWers questions,  home school issues, hot topics, personal struggles, etc. written by David & Merle Reece to encourage, warn, teach, the "younger women/men in the Lord".

New Co-ops:


The Reeces demonstrate and explain  how to form cooperative groups in your area that will enhance family unity, build friendships, train in discipleship, and foster learning through classes, sharing, outreaches, etc. Specific activities found in the SOW Curriculum too.

New Workshops:

Families, schools, classes, co-ops, etc.  can host, attend, or purchase any of these fun hands-on workshops... "The uniqueness of  SOW", How to SOW K-12th", "Sowing with  Special Needs", etc.

New Representative:

/Want to be a SOW Representative??Cs


FREE Consultation:

  Call or email for a FREE consultation by a certified teacher and 30 years experienced home school parent, teacher, and co-op director.

Note: Topics included in the SOW Curriculum such as apprenticeship, check out skills, evaluating & testing, etc. are not available for viewing on the web. Full examination of the SOW Curriculum for 30 days with a  money back guarantee is available only by purchasing the material.

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